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   Tommaso Mannucci, aka Monograff, paints and produces in Florence and in the Tuscan territory. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence choosing the course of Figurative Arts and Art Graphics, or the engraving techniques. During the period of study at the Academy, thanks to the acquaintance with James Vega, he approaches pictorial interventions in the street and in abandoned places. From that moment on, all the didactic notions are included in the street works and influence them, he learns the spray technique and begins to paint with rollers and brushes. He graduated with honors with a thesis concerning the urban and non-urban contradictions of the city of Florence, the abandoned places and the tourist and urban situation of the historic centre. He often paints in initiatives of cultural and social associations, participates in Jam throughout Tuscany and in the Neapolitan area; in recent years he has collaborated in projects for the redevelopment of the territory by municipalities such as the Florentine one.

Participates in 2021 in the collective exhibition UNITY WANTED Volume 2 at Street Levels Gallery in Florence.

In 2022, he participates in the collective exhibition AION, in the instant without thickness, curated by Stefania Dubla and Valeria Palleschi at the Crypt of San Francesco in Siena.

Participate in October 2022 at STREET ATTITUDE 2022 in Turin for the twentieth anniversary of the most famous Jam in Italy, organised by Il Cerchio e le Gocce, painting together with 160 other artists on the national scene.

On 27 June 2021 he inaugurates Slataper 8, a common space shared with four other Florentine realities, where he experiments and deepens his pictorial and stylistic research.


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